To keep the shipping  cost low, your order will be shipped without registration.  The shipping costs for all orders, small or big, are € 2,25.  In 7 years I only lost 2 shippings. If you want to be 100% sure, choose  ‘registered’ shipping.

Especially if you live in an area other than Europe, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, please choose ‘registered’ shipping. If you do not choose  ‘registered’  in the other areas, you assume the risk and any lost package will not be resent for free.

Please enter a note on your order if you want registered shipping. In that case I will send you an additional payment request.


     Europe                                  Rest of the World

1 – 10 packets of seeds (registered)                                         € 6,70                                            €   7.00

More than 10 packets of seeds  (registered)                             € 9,00                                            €   9.50


In case we exchange seeds, there are no shipping costs.

If you order on the website, you’ll have to use your credit card or PayPal.
If that’s not possible for you, please contact me and I will send you my bank details.

For unknown reasons (and I can’t skip it), you have to fill in your telephone number. but I can fully understand that you don’t want that. Just fill in a fake number. I will only contact you by email.